Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Work from home programs

This is your opportunity to realize your long-awaited dream of owning your own home-based business. You will have complete control of your schedule and business. You decide when you want to work and how much you want to work!

Imagine for a moment how it will feel to be able to wake up each and every day and only go a few steps to go to work. This is the perfect opportunity for stay-at home parents, retirees or college students. Never have to navigate your way through rush-hour traffic again! You can be your own boss!

By running your own home-based typing service, you can establish your own hours and how much you wish to charge. You will be in complete control! Even better, you get to hold onto all of the profits instead of watching your boss take them!

An Affordable Business Start-up Plan! Starting your own home-based typing service couldn’t be more affordable! You don’t need a lot of start-up capital to get started! All you need to open your new business is a working computer, some paper, printer and an internet connection. It couldn’t be easier!

Is it Legal and Legitimate?

Absolutely! Operating a typing service from your home is completely legitimate. You are offering a valuable service to organizations, businesses and even private individuals. Don’t fall for those work-at-home scams! This is a proven, legitimate business opportunity that you can take care of immediately. We do not provide lists of people to contact. No typing work is provided; just the information you need to begin your own successful business. In this guide you will learn exactly what you need to do to obtain typing work and build a business you can be proud of. You’ll learn how to market yourself and your business. This is a solid, proven and real service that individuals and business owners are in desperate need of.

Everything You Need to Begin your Typing at Home Business

Our guide will provide you with all of the insider information you need to begin your own lucrative typing service from home. You will learn how to be successful practically immediately and save loads of time in the process.

"We give you EVERYTHING you need. Take a look…"

  • What you MUST know about home typing
  • Is this the right decision for you?
  • Tips for subcontracting
  • What you can expect from the work
  • How to branch out and build your brand
  • Crucial tips for setting up your office
  • Necessary equipment and costs
  • Notes on how to find work
  • Other work options-including data entry and transcription
  • Everything you need to know about payment options
  • Necessary knowledge and skills
  • How to market yourself
  • Online work resources
  • What you must know about billing
  • How much to charge
  • TONS of resources
Instant Access

Here’s a quick look on the topics covered by “Typing from Home – A Step by Step Guide to Success”

    Chapter 1

This chapter covers about the responsibility on being your own boss and the Discipline, Responsibility and Flexibility you will need to get going. (Page 9-11)

    Chapter 2

Here, I talk about what home typing is all about and what the client is expecting of you. This is one of the most critical parts of the book. (Page 12-14)

    Chapter 3

Is typing from home REALLY for you? Do I want to be my own boss? Do I have the discipline necessary to be successful on my own? Do I have the motivation needed to get out there and be successful? (Page 15-17)

    Chapter 4

In this chapter, I discuss how I got started typing from home. I address everything I did from start up to successful typist. I went through many ups and downs and let you know what worked for me and what to avoid, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. (Page 18-33)

    Chapter 5

This is about setting up your basic office including the equipment you will need and the costs. Don’t let this chapter scare you, you probably already have everything that you will need to get started. (Page 34-41)

    Chapter 6

So it’s time to go out and find work, now that you have your home office set up. I discuss several places where to find work in your local area. I talk about other job searches later in the ebook. (Page 42-45)

    Chapter 7

Other ways to type from home including data entry and transcription. I briefly cover each topic to expand your job searches. (Page 46-50)

    Chapter 8
How do I get paid now that I finish a job? I talk about the more traditional ways on how employers pay you and also expand into the newer and faster ways to get paid for your work. (Page 51-56)

    Chapter 9

What knowledge and skills do I really need to get started? You do not need any special training or education, but you do need some basic skills that I discuss in this chapter. (Page 57-62)

    Chapter 10

How to market yourself and let everyone know who you are. I show you a couple ways to market yourself online and offline to help you get more and more jobs. (Page 63-70)

    Chapter 11

Now that marketing is done, it is time to go out and actually find work. I give you several online resources that have really changed my life. I now have unlimited job offers from the resources in this section alone. Maybe the most valuable section of the entire ebook. (Page 71-78)

    Chapter 12

Now that you have worked, how do you bill for the work that you performed. I discuss how to bill by the word, by the line, by the page, by the project and by the hour. Additionally, I talk about branching into other things for your customers beyond typing. Finally, I list some valuable resources for the at home typist. (Page 79-88)

Step by step guide

Very few people know how to get started and how easy it is to get started typing from home. What I am going to share with you through this step by step guide will give you an opportunity to work from your own home and not have to drop off your children at daycare while you go work at some corporate office while some stranger watches your kids.

* You don’t need any experience
* You don’t need any special skills
* You don’t need a special education

Here is the basic skill set that you will need.
* Above average grammar skills
* Great Listening Skills if you are typing audio
* Know how to operate basic word processing such as Word
* Of course, you need to know how to type
* Disciplined to follow directions from the employer
* Ability to work at home and not be distracted
* Ability to meet deadlines and stay motivated

Your probably already have all of that already. Look if the companies looking for typist did the work themselves, it would take them forever to complete. That is where you come in, and companies are always looking for people like you. Best of all they pay you nicely to do it.

There are so many benefits to work from home, I won’t bore you with the details, but I bet you can imagine yourself rolling out of bed and your commute to work is walking down your hallway!!